GAME is a game for couples, friends and families, developed in cooperation with psychologists, whose main goal is to improve communication,increase closeness,  as well as good fun and unconventional leisure activities.

We trust that will allow you to talk about important things in a pleasant and enjoyable way. The game includes inspiring questions and tasks that add depth to any conversation. A good question can be the start of many interesting conversations. Question and task cards in a hard, high-quality box turn into a wonderful gift with a special touch - for you or your loved ones.


WHERE TO play?
The game, depending on the version is designed for 2 to 10 players - for couples, friends and families. Whether you have been together for 3 months or 20 years, whether you have been friends for 10 years or have just met at a house party, whether you are 5 or 105 years old in the FAMILY version doesn't really matter. The questions are formulated in such a way that you are sure to have fun.

What do you find inside?
- 50 question and activity cards in different categories,
- cards with lifewheels (time and stop),
- elegant hard cardboard box with magnet closure covered with satin foil (feels like real leather), 
- instructions,
We print the cards from the highest quality materials available in Poland.


Sama game is really simple. You draw alternate questions from the deck and ask them to another player. There are also tasks to complete in the game. You also have two lifewheels to use - time and stop. There are no points to be scored here because through conversation everyone is a winner. Brew yourself a good cup of tea, coffee or whatever. Put on some mood music and.... have fun.


what will help you with?

  • Being with each other here and now - focusing on the other person
  • Listening without interruption - everyone has time to express themselves
  • Understanding the other side - being open to another point of view
  • Seeing how we are perceived in the relationship - what we think and what our partner thinks
  • Reminding yourself why you are together - realising how much your relationship gives you
  • Appreciation of the other person - sometimes we forget how much our other half means to us
  • Saying something positive to yourself - seemingly a small thing but very gratifying
  • Flirting - something to help add a touch of thrill to your relationship
  • Have fun - because game time is time for you!

We believe that communication is the basis of good relationships. Asking the right questions allows us to get to know our loved ones and their needs even better.


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